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Catching Largemouth Bass,  Catfish and Walleye in our South Dakota lakes, ponds and streams has brought me and many kids lots of recreation over the years.

 I'd like to share my stories and experiences with you and invite you to share yours with others.
As you view the start of the collection of photos, you will get a glimpse of what is to come and maybe be inspired to share some of your own.

 As you troll through our "Other Fishing Sites" you will find unique things not found on most other Internet sites. Two of the unusual items or links are Antique Lures and Fresh Fish Delivered To Your Door.

Most fishermen are drawn like a magnet to new baits and lures. So I've provided a variety of places where you can find terrific tackle to add to your collection.

Like everyone else, you no doubt have more than one "interest," and maybe one of them is "Making more money to buy more tackle."  I can give you some important tips here, too. 

For instance, if you have your own web site now or will soon, and you add affiliate programs to it, you create multiple streams of income. 

When you think about it from a fisherman's point of view, it's just like trying many different baits in order to catch more fish.  When you offer variety, you appeal to more fish and more fishermen!

Paddle through the affiliate and opportunity pages.  There may very well be something that appeals to you...that fits your needs and interests. 

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If you'll be kind enough to sign the guest book,  I'll be glad to share with you an interesting tip that you may find valuable. Thank you  for visiting The Fishermans Pond and please come back again!

Antique Lures
I have always had an interest in old fishing lures, ever since my Dad gave me an old one and I caught more fish on it than anything else in my tackle box in Nashville.
I found this site, dedicated to antique lures, and I would like to share it with you.

Fresh Fish
Most fishing sites I have seen on the Internet sell tackle, have stories about the whoppers caught and maybe advice on the best lure or bait to use. Visit the Vine today!
This site is unique because, here, you can buy fish 
already caught, cleaned and delivered to your door.

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